What's a Certified Building?

A Certified Building has Santa Cruz Fiber/Cruzio infrastructure in place to offer every tenant extremely fast, low-cost internet. Everyone benefits from the availability of competitive choice.

“Oh, these connections are fast!”

Santa Cruz Fiber and Cruzio are able to extend an especially good deal to multi-tenant buildings, both apartment houses and office buildings. We serve many people from a single — extremely powerful — connection to the entire building. Our fiber project will bring these connections to individual homes and standalone offices or stores, but we already have a great program for bigger buildings.

And oh, these connections are fast! Tenants can get gigabit service, either fiber or fiber backed, in most Certified Buildings.

By the way: as technology advances, we upgrade our Certified Buildings, so the sky’s the limit! We recently upgraded all our 100 Mbps buildings to 1,000 Mbps *(1 gigabit) — 10 times the bandwidth without any additional charge.

And we’re very open to different arrangements. We have worked with the City of Santa Cruz on free and low-cost internet for targeted facilities, like the Tannery Arts complex and the River Walk Apartments. Santa Cruz Fiber would like to get top-tier, low-priced internet to everyone in our community and we are willing to work out solutions to get that done.

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