How to Certify Your Building

“Modern tenants need state-of-the-art internet to thrive.”

Canny landlords know that in our new economy, where bandwidth is a utility as important as electricity or water, modern tenants need state-of-the-art internet to thrive. Internet can be as vital to residences as to businesses.

Certified Buildings thrive. Cruzio's connected workspace at 877 Cedar has been at 90%+ occupancy since opening, and businesses around the County (including Santa Cruz Nutritionals, the Santa Cruz Public Library System, Granite Construction, the Santa Cruz Warriors and the City of Watsonville) are taking advantage of Cruzio's fiber network infrastructure investment.

The three simple steps to certify a building:

  1. Site Survey
    Our technicians perform a simple survey of the building to establish eligibility. Generally, we need access to our backhaul internet, at least 10 units, a central location to house a small amount of Cruzio networking equipment (usually the shared telco closet is ideal) and relatively modern wiring to each unit - if it was built after 1995 it's likely good to go. If the wiring to each unit isn't capable of handling high-speed broadband, we can recommend local wiring contractors to handle the job.
  2. Access Agreement
    Next, we need a simple access letter from the owner or property manager. It's a one-page document that grants Cruzio access to the facility to serve tenants. With that, we can begin offering your tenants our high-speed service. You can find an online version of the Access Agreement here

  3. Installation
    Within 30-60 days our professional installers will connect your building to our high-speed network.

Special offers

We do offer flat fees to an entire building. If the landlord would like to offer fast broadband to all tenants for free, or included in their rent, we can provide connectivity to all units for one low price. This approach generally brings the per unit cost down by 25-50%. Contact us for details.

When enough tenants sign up for service, we can offer free service to the building’s management office.

If a building overlooks others in the area, even better. We can offer terms, including free or sharply discounted service, in exchange for putting small-footprint infrastructure on the roof to serve other customers. Our technicians are careful, courteous, and responsible.  


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