Broadband Blitz

Before we get into this blog post, we want you to experience a retelling of a famous hit song from the hit 70's Glam Rock band, The Sweet. Here's some music to set the tone.

Oh it's been getting so slow
Living with the things you have to load
My beams are getting so crossed
With all of the files I have lost

Oh, I see the fiber in sight, fueled by light
My Gig is ready to Go!
A thousand megabits, can’t beat this!
It’s time to tell Comcast no!

Oh yeah! It was like lightning
And my Screen was shining!
And my music was streaming
Computer started steaming!

Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

And the Cat in the back said download that
And it turned into a broadband blitz
And the work to be done was already spun
It turned into a broadband blitz!
Broadband Blitz, broadband blitz, broadband blitz!

And with that, today we would like to announce Santa Cruz Fiber’s newest promotion, A Broadband Blitz! Our goal, sign up our first 300 customers in the downtown (and beyond) with light speed internet! How? With a Gig for $49.95 a month. –And No Contracts!

Previously this deal was only available to existing customers, but now, as we enter in the true blitz phase, we are offering it to everyone who signs up as part of this first group.

Why 300? Well it’s time to be honest here. As a local internet service provider we are up against some stiff competition. The majority of internet service in town, and across the country, is dominated by a select few billion dollar companies who don’t really have much of an incentive to improve their service or protect their customers. Some have even been caught trying to sell their customer’s data to the highest bidders! (We would never do that!). HOWEVER, their size and monopoly positions mean they can spend millions on  advertising and marketing gimmicks. Then you’re tied up in contracts and termination fees, meaning you can’t leave!

Now we are no stranger to this fight. Given that we’ve been around since 1989, and through hard work and better service, plus being part of an an independent-minded community, we have been providing a local alternative that is just as good and often better. Yet times are changing, and if we want to keep providing the best internet possible we need to invest in new infrastructure. Yes it’s expensive, but think of how expensive it was to build the first phone lines to the home, or the interstate highway system. Usually these massive investments came with public dollars or freedom from competition.

Not in our case. We are doing it ourselves, and we are betting on you, the customer, to realize how important this Broadband Blitz really is and how competitive internet can make our community better. Getting 300 customers ensures that our project will continue to move forward, and that we can begin expanding to other neighborhoods all throughout Santa Cruz, including yours!

But first we need 300 customers, and we need to capture a huge share of the downtown market. Do you know someone who lives or works in the downtown? #FiberYourFriends and let’s make this #BroadbandBlitz a reality.

Help us win the fight for a fast, reliable, and secure internet future for our county.


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