What’s a Fiber Hood?

“When we make every building in the area connectable to low-cost gigabit-speed fiber, that’s a 'fiber hood.'”

Even before starting our Santa Cruz Fiber project, Cruzio had gigabit-powered, “fiber-lit” buildings for a long time. Fiber is the best internet connection you can get. It's the backbone to our network.

We have almost unlimited internet in our fiber buildings. The challenge is distributing it so homes and offices around the county can benefit from fiber's speed and reliability. Like other infrastructure — roads or water for instance — it's sensible to construct networks a neighborhood at a time.

When we extend the fiber up and down the streets of a neighborhood, making not just a few buildings but every building in the area connectable to low-cost gigabit-speed fiber, that’s a “fiber hood.”

When we're doing construction up and down the street, we’d like to get everybody we pass by as a customer. That helps us pay for the construction, and, even better, helps us get started on the next neighborhood.

So every customer in a fiber hood:

  1. Easily connects to the best internet in the county — among the fastest speeds in the USA!
  2. Helps their neighbors get low cost, super-fast internet
  3. Helps the whole community leap way ahead in internet infrastructure
  4. Gets internet from a local, competitive provider who’s net neutral and protects your privacy

But there's no obligation for people in a fiber hood to get fiber internet service if they don't want to. We're only going to connect those who want it.

Fiber hoods in every part of Santa Cruz County are the ultimate goal of Santa Cruz Fiber. Along the way, every fiber connection that’s near you can help you get better internet (that’s why we show them on the map!). Being close to existing fiber connections, being located in an area where Cruzio has a lot of existing customers or has heard a lot of interest, and keeping in touch with us, all put your neighborhood on the road to being a real fiber hood. 


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