Fiber Night: Oh What a Night!

Last Friday Cruzio put on the ritz. Fiber Night!

In the context of the Internet, “fiber” is the way we transport data from one place to another — really, really fast. With lasers.

To celebrate Cruzio’s new fiber connection to the Internet, we held a big party. With lasers.

People enjoyed our fantastic coworking space, opened up to the public for the evening.

The fiber connection is the beginning of our new independent high-speed network.
We are now offering connections at 100+Mbps — even connections over a gigabit per second! And we’ll soon be revamping our lower-cost services too (we’re looking at late summer for an unveiling).

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Fiber Internet Ceremony

Cruzio hosted local dignitaries May 31st to help us celebrate the lighting of Cruzio’s new fiber Internet at our downtown headquarters. We were lucky enough to even have the day proclaimed “Fiber Internet Day” in the City of Santa Cruz. Read More

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