All About Wireless

“Get the benefit of a super-fast fiber network — even before the fiber is built all the way to your location”

The Benefits

Get the benefit of a super-fast fiber network — even before the fiber is built all the way to your location — with a hybrid fiber-wireless connection that can be quickly set up on a high spot (roof, eave) of your building.

In Cruzio’s considerable experience, fixed wireless delivers speed and reliability rivaling all-fiber connections.  Connections using at least one wireless segment supply some of our biggest customers, such as the Santa Cruz Warriors, who use a gigabit link to live-stream their games.

And wireless has the advantage of flexibility. Since no construction is involved, adjustments and improvements are relatively easy and inexpensive.

Another benefit of wireless is redundancy. Many providers, although they may have different corporate identities, use the same leased paths. For a fallback internet connection, which doesn’t travel through any of the same circuits that carry wired connections, Cruzio recommends wireless as a reliable, truly redundant connection for anyone who absolutely depends on internet every day.

“Our network's constantly growing. Even if we can't reach your building when you first inquire, we'll reach out to you when the situation changes.”

The Project

Cruzio has been building out our fixed wireless network since 2009, and we have nearly 1,000 customers around Santa Cruz County and the Bay Area. 

One of the basic principals of a robust, reliable internet connection is having redundancy in case of any break or interruption in any part of the network. A good redundant connection has no piece co-residing with the connection it’s supposed to replace in case of a problem — it can’t use the same cables, or lie in the same part of the street.

Cruzio went through the big earthquake in 1989, so we know how powerful a disruption can be. (More often, though, in the world of communications networks, breaks are due to squirrels nibbling on cables, or trees falling in a storm.) We purchased a small wireless ISP, or WISP, called Gatespeed soon after the fiber cut of April 2009 which severed Santa Cruz County’s connection to the internet and interfered with all communications, including our ability to call 911. No more. Cruzio has multiple pathways out of the county for data transit.

Wireless technology is undergoing tremendous R&D gains. And when newer, better equipment or techniques emerge, Cruzio upgrades our customers, usually for no added fees.

How It Gets to You

Wireless connections are relatively easy and inexpensive to put up. And we are able to install our gear in many, many locations around our service area.

The connections do require line of sight to an existing Access Point, or AP. We have these in many locations, in tall or well-located buildings. In fact, if your home or office has a good view to other buildings, Cruzio would like to talk to you about an exchange: free or sharply discounted internet service in return for roof access to serve other customers. Let us know! 

When you contact us for a fiber-wireless connection, our networking team will check your location’s topography and determine which Access Point, if any, you might be able to see (you can help, too — let us know big buildings you can see from your property!). Often, a quick assessment will give us a yes or no answer.

Our network grows all the time, so even if we aren’t able to see a good opportunity to join the network when you first inquire, we keep your location in mind and we’ll reach out to you if that situation changes.

If you own your home or building, we can simply come out and do the installation. If you are in an apartment or other multi-tenant building, we may need to get an access letter (which allows us roof access) from your landlord.

Next up, a site visit. Sometimes, we’ll just survey the location if we haven’t determined viability. More often, we’ll come ready to install our equipment. Our scheduler will get in touch with you and arrange a convenient time. We’ll ask about the structure of the building and how we’ll need to get access. We’ll let you know what we plan to do and how long it will take. We’ll show up on time and ready to get the job done — you’ll love our field staff, they are awesome.

When we get to your location, we’ll install a small antenna on your roof or on the side of your house under the eave. Our installers are careful to find places that are convenient and stable. Ours are smaller and less unsightly than satellite TV antennae.Once the outdoor equipment is placed, we will bring new wiring into your house to make a strong connection to your router, which feeds internet to all your household or office devices. Our technicians will work with you to test your connection before we leave. We’ll help you understand the equipment and what it does, but best of all we’ll show you how fast your new connection is!


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